Friday, November 4, 2016


I created a drawing of chinese takeout box with chopstick creating a path to the with the medium of charcoal. I wanted to highlight the highlights of the chopsticks and takeout box in this. I was surprised by how much easier it was to draw the takeout box after drawing the pumpkin previously. I did not have a hard time drawing this takeout box but i could have made the shadows darker, looking back now. I believe my drawing really works because of the size, shape, and placement of the chopsticks in the artwork. Lauren's art inspired me because her photo was very in depth and the picture drew me in. If i had a do-over, I would probably make the the shadows darker, but unfortunately i missed a lot of prime class time due to the school production.

1 comment:

  1. one of the things that works for me is the shadow cast by the flap of paper on the side of the carton. The attention to that and the shadows of the chopsticks give a 3D appearance and make the piece .